General Motors Diet: An Overview

If you have gained weight and looking for something that can help you to lose weight in a fast and healthy way, then try the General Motors diet. This popular diet was actually developed for employees working in the General Motors, Inc, which was designed to encourage fitness and health among the workforce.

The General Motors Plan

The diet helps dieters lose weight as well as achieve her/his ideal body figure and weight. A person, who is planning or desires to follow GM diet, can lose at least 10 lbs per week. Moreover, it helps to change or improves a person’s attitude and outlook towards fitness and health. It is efficiently assists the dieter to achieve ultimate emotional performance as the diet offers systematic cleansing effects.

general motors diet plan

The dieter following the 7-day meal plan must eat specific types of food or vegetables. For example, only water and fruits can be consumed during the diet. After completing the diet plan, people claim to find themselves 10lbs lighter than before.

The Menu – GM diet

As mentioned above, the diet follows 7-days plan which involves eating protein rich foods. Anyone who want to try this, are assisted with a menu guide displaying snacks and daily meal preparations.

Day One – All fruits can be consumed except bananas. Any amount or type of fruits can be consumed, other than it is recommended to eat watermelons and cantaloupes in greater quantity.

Day Two – The vegetable day- The Dieter can consume vegetables of all kinds until the hunger settles. He/she can prefer baked potato for morning breakfast or meal.

Day Three – Vegetables and Fruits. The dieter can eat different types of vegetables and fruits, but bananas and potatoes.

Day Four – Bananas and Milk. On the fourth day, the dieter can drink about 3 glasses of milk and 8 bananas. Even if, you feel hungry, then you may go for special General Motor diet soup as well.

Day Five – Tomatoes and Beef. Eat lean beef (two portions), each weighing up to 10 oz. You may also eat lean meat hamburger, 6 whole tomatoes along with increasing the water intake.

Day Six – Beef and lots of vegetables. This day, dieter can eat lots of vegetables and beef.

Day Seven – Brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables. Dieter can eat as much as he/she wants (type and amount can be chosen).

Always remember, from the very first day of the diet, you need to focus on drinking at least 10 glasses of water without fail on daily basis.


  1. Thanks for sharing the diet plan….I have few queries….what are the options for veggie on 5th & 6th day and second q. Is salt dose is there abd third how to make general motor diet soup

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